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  • Client was charged with assaulting a Federal Officer and his working dog, at the Calexico Port of Entry. On the eve of trial, the U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a superseding indictment adding additional charges against the client. The U.S. Attorney’s Office dismissed the case, a week later, during a jury trial. (11CR2611)
  • Client Charged with 1st Degree Murder – Client found Not Guilty at Trial (SCS242738)
  • Forcible Rape – Case Dismissed (SCD221242) – Both in State Court and Military Court Martial
  • Domestic Violence – Arrested and Booked on Two Felony Counts – Case Not Issued After Investigation
  • Automobile Accident – Seven Figure Settlement

    (37-2009-00081919-CU-PA-CTL )

  • Multi-Count Insurance Fraud – Dismissed Prior to Trial (CN292506)
  • Federal Mortgage Fraud Case – Reduced Sentence (10CR1863)
  • Federal Ponzi Fraud/Real Estate Fraud Case – Reduced Sentence (09CR2582)
  • Federal Civil Inmate Abuse Case at a County Jail – Seven Figure Settlement (08CV00601)
  • The algorithm of creating a thesis statement, and dissertation template page.
  • Multi Count Alleged Child Molestation Case – Hung Jury at Two Trials – Case Finally Dismissed (MA049117)
  • Federal Medicare Fraud Case – Charges Reduced (10CR2742)
  • 59 Defendant Federal RICO Gang Case – Still Under Investigation